Saturday, July 18, 2015

A hologram for the King, Dave Eggers

A Hologram for the KingI was lured by the cover and the title. Based on the blurb on the back, I was hoping for a quick, fun, brilliant story that would give me some insight into Saudi Arabia and international business. Not many books around that give you that type of insight, right? Well, big mistake. What I found instead was a French movie from the '70s instead. Seriously: one of those typically French movies where nothing happens, and actors are trying to convey despair in thousands of different ways, but all they ultimately express is boredom.

But hey - I know everyone has different tastes. If you have a sudden craving for a story about a weak, self-pitying, sad, aimless loser who just needs to kill time for the entire length of the book, and if you truly, truly would love the whole thing to be soaked in an aura of confusion, despair and depression, buckle up because you're in for a fucking treat with "A hologram for the King"!!

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