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Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog. I created this in 2015. I live in LA and would love to work for SpaceX, but I don't. I review any type of book, and I agree with Theodore Sturgeon's opinion that "90% of everything is crap".

To see if we can get along as readers, know this: I have a soft spot for great science fiction, which is a rare thing to come by, and great graphic novels, even harder to find. My favorite author is the one and only Arthur C. Clarke.

I do not read YA books, and I do not understand why anyone older than 16 reads them. Why drink watered-down wine of the house when you can have any glass of the best wines ever made?

I crave electro-shock-inducing, clever reads that widen my horizons whether through fiction or non-fiction. When it comes to fiction, I prefer stories that are original, surprising, and warm, emotionally rich. I read mostly in English, but I also read many books in Italian, and I generally review those in Italian.


Gizmo is my Pomeranian.

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